Četynas wish

The writer Bohumir Cetyna often visited us in the mill. He traveled to Trojanovice on a cottage, where he wrote on a typewriter. He himself cooked simple buckwheat foods in his cottage. At first glance he looked older. The glossy skull was decorated with a silver hair around the ears. Under the small rim of wire-glasses teenagers' eyes gleamed which despite the thicker glasses felt cheerful and happy. He was able to tell stories engagingly. Many times we listened to him in the courtyard at the table or under the trees. He told us how he had learned from the historical records in the archives in Brno, Opava, Vienna or Warsaw that the buckwheat in northern Moravia had been grown since the 15th century. He described Wallachian recipes so credibly we were hungry. Bohumir Cetyna especially liked my mothers buckwheat rolls stuffed with apples and nuts or even buckwheat groats. He drank herbal tea, sweetened with buckwheat honey. "I could eat it every day Angel" he said. Because the mother who worked as a teacher had little time, she made simple and fast food for her four children. Mostly, vegetarian from buckwheat or buckwheat groats or flour. Cottage cheese dumplings with buckwheat and fruit have always been preferred at home. Many people praised them at our table. I remember how the writer Bohumir Cetyna once told my mom: "Angel you have to write a cookbook." Years passed and his wish remained unfulfilled. Only when I took over the buckwheat mill as the fourth miller of the Smajstrl family I decided to collect all the family recipes and give them the form of a book. 

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