About us

In our mill in Kopane in Frenstat pod Radhostem, buckwheat has been husked since 1861 in a mechanical way in which vitamins are not degraded. It is our wish that the buckwheat continues to bring health to the people. Health is still the greatest wealth of every person.

After a telephone appointment we can arrange excursions with the sale of buckwheat products.

We buy cleaned, dried unpeeled Czech buckwheat for food processing.

Mill's craft

Over the centuries, we have encountered many ways of crushing and grinding grain. The easiest way to do this was to crush grain on a flat or slightly recessed stone with a hand-held stone crusher. The oldest form of the mill is the towing mill, which was driven by animals. Turnover in production and quality of milling occurred after the introduction of water or wind power to drive the milling equipment.

In the Czech lands, milling has a very long and old tradition. Millers like court craftsmen appear in princes and later in royal monasteries and chapters. Most likely, they were water mills at the time. Windmills are rare in our country. In the thirteenth century they were built in windy places and until recently they have survived in Olomouc, the Moravian Gate and Silesia. A beautiful windmill exhibit is located in the Wallachian open-air museum in Roznov pod Radhostem.

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